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A coach is a large, four-wheeled carriage with two or more horses harnessed as a team, driven by a coachman. It had generally four doors in the sides, with most of the time a front and a back seat inside. The driver usually sat elevated seat in front called a coach box.


Quick Facts


  • Capacity: 8 or more people


  • Average Speed: 4 miles per hour on average


  • Power: 4 horses


  • Cost: Around $1500 inthe 19th century or about $25,000 now



Types of Coaches found in the Novel


Some types of Coaches are the Park Drag, the Araba, The Concord Coach, and many more. The Two types of coaches listed below are  found in the novel. To get more information on these vehicles, please click where indicated.


For more information on the Stagecoach, please Click Here


For more information on the Hirondelle, please Click Here



Occurences in the novel




Part 3 Ch. 11



"When everything was sold, there remained twelve francs and fifteen centimes--enough to pay Mademoiselle Bovary's coach fare to her grandmother's." (Pg 411)


This quote gos on to reinforce the idea that Coaches were used for transporting people and goods from one location to another. The fact that it only cost Twelve Francs and fifteen centimes to pay this fare goes on to show that Coach fares were pretty affordable. 







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