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A member of the family Equidae. Horses are Herbivorous mammals. They comprise a single speces, Equus caballus, and come in a number of varieties called breeds. Before the industrial revolution and still in much of the undeveloped world the horse is used for work, used as a draft animal and for transportation. Today in modern countries horses are primarly used as a pastime such as horseback riding, jumping, and racing.


Quick Facts


  • Capacity: 1-2 Persons or 200 - 600 lbs (depending on horse)
  • Average Speed: Greatly depends on horse and load. Up to 50mph with racehorses.
  • Power: 1 Horse
  • Cost: average horse $10 - $50 (1850) $250-$1250 (2007) , Good bloodlined horse $100 - $1000 (1850)  $2500-$25000(2007)
  • Distance: 20-30 miles per day



Literary Analysis

In the novel we see Charles use his horse often to reach his clients. It is also used by Emma's father to get to Yonville when he hears of his daughter's death. Often times horses are riden because of how easy it is to get ready and the speed at which the horse travles without dragging something behind it.


Appearances in Madame Bovary


Part 3 Ch. 10

    "He put on his smock and his hat, fastened a spur to his boot, and set off at a gallop; and during the entire length of his breathless ride he was frantic with anguish. At one point he had to stop and dismount: he couldn't see, he heard voices, he thought he was losing his mind.

    At daybreak he caught sight of three black hens asleep in a tree, and he shuddered, terrified by the omen. He promised the Holy Virgin three chasubles for the church, and vowed to walk barefoot from the cemetery at Les Bertaux to the chapel at Vassonville.

    He rode into Maromme, shouting ahead to the people at the inn, burst open the gate with his shoulder, dashed up to the oats bag, poured a bottle of sweet cider into the manger; then he remounted his nag, and it was off again, striking sparks from all four shoes.




    At Quincampoix he drank three coffees in a row to fortify himself.




    He even began to imagine that it might be a practical joke, an attempt to get even with him for something, or a wag's idea of a prank. Besides--if she was dead, he'd know it! But no--the countryside was as always: the sky was blue, the trees were swaying; a flock of sheep crossed the road. He caught sight of the village; people saw him racing by, hunched over his hrse, beating it furiously, its  saddle girths dripping blood" (Pg 394-395)


The next day at noon Rodolphe presented himself at

    Charles' door with two riding horses.  One of them had pink

    pompons decorating its ears and bore a lady's buckskin



"Well, I called on Monsieur Alexandre this afternoon.  He

    bought a filly a few years ago and she's still in fine shape,

    just a little broken in the knees.  I'm sure I could get her

    for a hundred ecus . . ."


         And he went on, "I thought you might like to have her, so

    I reserved her . . . I bought her . . . Did I do right?  Tell




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