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When you've got no other way to get there, you probably have at least your own two feet

as is the case with the beggar in Madame Bovary. 


By my estimates using an online walk time calculator including information about the beggar's fitness,

it would have taken the beggar at least 13 hours to hike from Rouen to Yonville.




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Appearances in Madame Bovary





         Yonville-l'Abbaye (even the ruins of the ancient capuchin

    abbey from which it derives its name are no longer there) is a

    market town twenty miles from Rouen, between the highways to

    Abbeville and Beauvais in the valley of the Rieule. (Part 2, Ch 1)


          One morning when Charles had gone out before sunrise

    she was seized with a longing to see Rodolphe at once.  She

    could go quickly to La Huchette, stay there an hour, and be

    back in Yonville before anyone was up.  The thought made her

    pant with desire, and soon she was halfway across the meadow,

    walking fast and not looking back. (Part 2, Ch 9)






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