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One-horse shay

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One-horse shay






Very similar to the Chaise. It's also a light, fast vehicle that is more or less a chair on wheels pulled by a horse.


In fact, sources consider the One-horse Shay to merely be the American version of the French Chaise. Perhaps the

anomaly of seeing this in a French book can be considered a result of a less-than-ideal translation.



Quick Facts


  • Capacity: 1-2 Persons
  • Average Speed: 10mph
  • Power: 1 Horse




Appearances in Madame Bovary


         The invited guests arrived early in a variety of

    vehicles.  One-horse shays, two-wheeled charabancs, old gigs

    without tops, vans with leather curtains.  And the young men

    from the nearest villages came in farm-carts, standing one

    behind the other along the sides and grasping the rails to

    keep from being thrown, for the horses trotted briskly and

    the roads were rough.  They came from as far as twenty-five

    miles away, from Goderville, from Normanville, from Cany.

    All the relations of both families had been asked, old

    quarrels had been patched up, letters sent to acquaintances

    long lost sight of. (pg 30)





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