Trips by Charles (trips by Charles were on horseback or by buggy)




Other Trips


Trip Times for Modes of Transportation


Trip Barouche Chaise Charabanc On foot
Across GT Campus - 1 mile 12 minutes 6 minutes 12 minutes 20 minutes
Yonville to Rouen - 20 miles 4 hours 2 hours 4 hours 7-12 hours*

*depends on how often you stop to rest



Trips that raise questions



The Covered boat trip that Emma and Leon took in Boulogne has a few discrepancies. First, the boat that they hire to take them to the restaurant seems too large to be powered by one man. It also seems to be traveling much faster than one would think possible. "rope trailing behind kept up its gentle splashing in the water." On top of this Flaubert compares the sound of the boat man rowing to the sound of a metronome. Even in rowing competitions the paddling is not that fast. Think of the stereotypical "stroke.......stroke.....stroke....". This would be believable if the boat that Emma and Leon had rented was a small streamlined craft. However, it seems that the boat that they rented had a cabin capable of carrying 3-4 people as the boatman mentions:


    "They were a jolly lot,

    all right, the men and the girls.  They brought along food and

    champagne and music, the whole works.  There was one of them,

    especially, a big, good-looking fellow with a little mustache,

    he was a riot.  They all kept after him."


A boat of this size would be almost impossible to manage with one rower. Not stopping there,  it turns out that the city of Boulogne, France is on the water, but has no islands. The closest thing to an island near Boulogne is the UK which happens to be about 25 miles away from the coast. It would not be out of the question to assume that Flaubert had never been to Boulogne, used unreliable sources, or just created a romatic place for Leon and Emma to have a romantic "3 day honeymoon".