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A wagon is a heavy four-wheeled vehicle pulled by animals such as horses, mules, or oxen. Before the advent of mechanization wagons were used for transportation of people or goods. Wagons are different from carts which have two wheels and are heavier than carriages. Think of wagons as old school trucks. There are the small ones that seat only two people and carry a few hundred pounds and large wagons that carry upwards of a ton and seat multiple people.



Quick Facts


  • Capacity: 1-2 People, 500-2000 lbs or more depending on wagon design
  • Average Speed: 5 mph
  • Power: 1-6 Horses or Oxen (depending on size)
  • Cost: $6,995


Literary Analysis of Its Significance

Used as a description of the different people that live in the city of Rouen.



Appearances in Madame Bovary



Part 3 Ch. 5

    "A kind of intoxication was wafted up to her from those closely packed lives, and her heart swelled as though the 120,000 souls palpitating below had sent up to her as a collective offereing the breath of all passions she supposed them to be feeling. In the face of the vastnessher love grew larger, and was filled with a turmoil that echoed the vague ascending hum. All this love she, in turn, poured out--onto the squares, onto the tree-lined avenues, onto the streets; and to her the old Norman city was like some fabulous capital, a Babylon into which she was making her entry. She leaned far out the window and filled her lungs with air; the three horses galloped on, there was a grinding of stones in the mud beneath the wheels; the coach swayed; Hivert shouted warningly ahead to the wagons he was about to overtake, and businessmen leaving their suburban villas in Bois-Guillaume descended the hill at a respectable pace in their little family carriages" (Pg 310-311)





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